International referee 

Rehab almost complete (leg rehab), I was not quite ready to get my first cap for TCI rugby, so I was coerced (I offered) to AR (assistant referee) the game. 

TCI were playing the Dominican Republic at home, and as an officially sanctioned game by world rugby and RAN (rugby Americas north), world rankings were there to play for.

We are often quite close in the world rankings with the DR and as our closest opposition, it could almost be deemed a local derby match. 

As an official match, there was all sorts of rules and regulations that I had no idea about; there was a match organiser, time keeper, two assistant referees and the referee. Our ground had to be prepared to have an ambulance there at all times, designated players boxes, sin bin chairs, team doctors-the list goes on. 

As an inexperienced referee, I was given an hour crash course in being the line judge before the match began, donned the headset and microphone to communicate with the ref and we kicked off. 

It was thrilling to officiate, I got a similar adrenaline rush to when I’m playing and I felt under pressure fairly continuously. I’ve played rugby for years, but just focusing on a few key tasks in the game is quite a challenge. 

I looked pro in the official ref kit, but I was far from professional and loved every minute of it. 

Apparently the Caribbean are in short supply of referees…could be a retirement plan 👍🏻


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