Family, friends and breaks

I’m finding TCI utterly dull with a broken leg. For someone who is often doing sports most days of the week, breaking your leg on this island provides me with ample time to do nothing-and I hate it. 

No rugby, no sailing, no kiting, no swimming, beach is a struggle and I can’t even stand up in a bar for that long. I can drink and read-that’s about it. 

I’m not sure if it was unfortunate timing that I had visitors come to stay during this time. On one hand, they mostly wanted to chill on the beach anyway, so that works, but on the other hand I couldn’t drive or stay out that late on nights out. 

I broke the bottom of my tibia playing rugby against Princeton alumni. It was less than 20 seconds into the game, in fact it was the first tackle and as I turned I was hit in the side of the leg. 

It was initially misdiagnosed as a sprain and I had Physio on it for about a week before the pain became obviously more than just a sprain. 

I was put in a cast for 4 weeks, currently I’m awaiting a new cast after 2 as I’ve walked on it a little bit and it’s sort of crumbled. Oops. 

Breaks aside, I had jo and lizzie come to visit me first followed by Maria. Like when my parents visited, the first few days were wet, which would seem pretty annoying, but actually the first few days it’s important for me to show them around anyway. We had a great time, snorkelling, chilling on the beach and maria joined us after the weekend for two weeks. 

They enjoyed the delights of pork shack, a very wet tag rugby session, snorkelling with an insane amount of eagle rays and a fair few hours exploring Beaches. 


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