Parents come to stay

Securing my highly valued cargo was my most important task on Thursday night. My two suitcases of Amazon orders and general stuff from home needed to be brought through customs and into my house as quickly as possible. Luckily, they went through without a hitch and mum and dad happened to be on the same flight! With cargo stowed and parents in the car, we headed back to silly creek whilst stopping for a bite to eat at the tranquil chalk sound. As it was dark, they couldn’t appreciate just how blue that water looked.

I took leave off the next day and Monday, so I had a full 4 days to induct them to the locale, my car and the nuances of island life. 
Friday we went to sapodila beach, the most local and generally quiet. The wind was blowing up to a storm but we had a decent morning chilling in the sun. 

The white polar bear seemed happy enough between two yachts. 

We headed into grace bay and I produced branded coconuts at the beach. Welcome to TCI mum and dad!

Friday evening I took mum and dad down to my on-site social at the wymara villas. After showing them round my daunting task for the next year; we sat drinking cold coronas and watching the last of the sun fall behind the cliffs. As it got dark, the mosquitoes came out so we jumped back into the car and headed to the Mexican restaurant (my third trip of the week) for a few margaritas and some homely burritos. 

Saturday, a usually big activity day here at  the ranch was no different just because mum and dad are around. We fully anticipated to go kiting for the day but the weather was pretty rainy and we’d had a power outage for a few hours as well. At about 2 we headed out to shop and buy an emergency BBQ, and ended up trying to kite near to home but got blown away by a sudden squall and had to sack it off. Dad built the BBQ and we had a great team effort dinner. 

Sunday was a lovely day, with a full day of sun and a light breeze, we went down to the golf club to play tennis. Mum and dad beat me and Bobby 2-1 in sets. Bobby knows his serve lost us the match, but we don’t talk about that. The fantastic brunch that followed was unsurprisingly good, and after a while letting it settle, I dropped mum and dad off at rickies bar and me and Bobby headed to long bay for a kite.

Monday was another fairly packed day. With my leave on the clock we had to pack things in. We went down to the sailing club and dad and I hopped into a hobie and laser respectively. It must have been over 20 knots of breeze and we battled upwind to somewhere bar. After a leisurely pit stop we headed back to the club, I went over a few times and apparently had a bit of an audience from the bar. Still it was great and I had a good bit of downwind practice. 

In the evening, we got onto a tourist yacht and went for a sunset cruise and to watch the glow worms. 

Fast forward to the following weekend. Mum and dad are now checked into a nice hotel in the heart of Provo. After reversing last weekends tennis score with Bobby, we spent the rest of the day in the resort before I went to play the first rugby match of the season. 


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