Turkey and Caicos

Christmas Day was shaping up to be many hours playing computer games and eating a microwave meal, so when I was invited by someone I’d never met to have Xmas dinner in a dog grooming parlour I jumped at the chance. 

Feeling very fortunate to have be sitting down for Xmas dinner at all, 25 of us crammed on to 3 tables surrounded by an audience of cats, dogs and a goat including a Chihuahua in a fetching Xmas skirt and a dog with red and green feet. Think Dr Doolittle Carib style.  

Donna the host, pulled off an amazing dinner including a whole hog roast, bbq’d prime rib and 2 turkeys with all the trimmings. 

Our contribution to the occasion was a less than solid tiramisu and a pass the parcel that the Americans couldn’t quite get their heads around. Interestingly the kiwis and saffas amongst us knew what to do.

With dinner now over, and carefully avoiding the goat on the stairs, we finished off with a dip in the hotub and basting ‘Tinkerbell’ the Chihuahua in the skirt. 

That’s not a Christmas dinner I’ll forget in a hurry. 


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