Learn to kitesurf

They said not to buy kit before having lessons. I’m ignoring that advice. 

Throwing significant investment into the equipment, I bought kit that was too good for me but a good deal came around: $1500 for two next to new kites, a bar and $70 for a beat up learner board. Luckily going halves with the ever eager beaver – bobby. The next few weeks would see us go from zero to odear-o.  

Once again, lovely cesca came up trumps and being recently qualified as a kite instructor, I was her first official student. The lessons here are steep, so knowing her has proved invaluable to getting me up and going. 

I had a few lessons in the uk previously so I knew how to control the kite, so all I needed to do now was stand up. Easy right?

Absolutely not. Annoyingly I’d just learned to wakeboard which use the same boards but requires a whole different balance. I’ve been trying to apply this whilst kite surfing resulting in me sinking the back end of the board and stalling. 

Two lessons in and I’m pretty much there, I’ve got up and going a few times for a decent stretch and it’s fantastic fun. My aim is to get good enough to go down on my own. As soon as I can do that, I can see many Saturdays being taken up by this sport. 

Long bay itself is one of the best places in the world to kite. A mile out to sea, the water is still only waist deep making it perfect. The only thing I have to watch for is kite traffic. 

4 lessons in and I’m riding. Once up I’m feeling in control, braving riding one handed and trying to carve the board upwind. It’s a similar sensation to snowboarding back up the piste at the end of a turn, it slows you down a bit so you have to make sure there is decent power in the kite continually. 

I’ll be having 1 or 2 more lessons with cesca. She needs to teach me how to self rescue and finesse my ability to slow down and stop. She’s very busy over xmas so my training will have to resume in 2017! Can’t wait. 


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