Sailing nationals + 

After making it to the nationals via some seriously good chat at the bar with Kier. Saturday was lining up to be a superb day. 

Timetable for the day:

Laser heats: 12pm – Hopefully win that and book a spot for Sunday’s medal race.

Wakeboarding with Nautique: 2-4pm

Rugby friendly match: 5-7pm

Projitech (work thing) xmas doo: 7pm

Rugby Christmas party: 7-late. 

The sailing got off to a great start. With a massive fleet of 7, and bobby wanting to get his name up on the nationals list, 6 sailors and 1 novice headed out to a blustery course and fought for the best starboard approach to the first mark. 

After three races I managed to place 5th, 4th and 2nd.

Here’s a photo of me doing a port flyer on the 2nd race. 

Here’s a video of my better start to the last race.

On finishing the third race, cesca hurried bobby and I along to blue haven to get on the boat for some wake boarding. 

Eager to improve on my inaugural trip last time out, I brazenly set about trying to jump and 180 and achieved this with limited success. 

Cesca then came and joined me to double up. 

She was rather more impressive without me getting in the way

With rugby kicking off at 6, we all headed back to the dock to unload and drove to meridian field  for the much anticipated 15 a side friendly. Managing most of the match uninjured, I hurt my shoulder towards the end and had to watch my side lose 21-22. Sad result, good game. 

Malnourished and dehydrated, Bobby and my lucky plus one Claire donned some half decent clothes and turned up at the distillery to enjoy a great night of outrageous dancing and too many free drinks. 

Sadly due to the shoulder I had to retire from Sunday’s conclusion to the nationals. But a fantastic weekend none the less. 

Next weekend: kiting with cesca!


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