Architects field trip in Middle Caicos 

The options for adventures in TCI are quite forthcoming. But if you want to do some really ‘in the sticks’ sort of trips, you have to go to middle and north Caicos. 

These islands are actually bigger than Provo, but are mainly beachy and bushey, sparcely populated with people and densely populated with mosquitos. 

Having said that there was a decent wind this weekend, which meant the mozzies didn’t come out in full force. 

7 Architects (and 1 writer) set off from Provo early Saturday morning with coolers filled to the brim with gin, meat and beer. Islander-architect Kate and boyfriend Glen had organised a self-drive 16 seater bus for us to use for the weekend. 

To break up the 40 minute drive to our camp/beach, we ventured out to some caves that were just off the main road. They were definitely worth a view, and it briefly went a bit ‘tarzan’ with all the vineropes hanging down through little sink holes. 

Getting back on the road we preceded to tuck into the coolers and put on some tunes. With half a cooler now depleted we were 10 minutes away from camp when we got a flat tyre!

With few of us lucid enough to think about changing the tyre, we opted to wait and party whilst the man turned up to sort us out. Luckily to provide entertainment, Bobby found himself a full length bridal gown which he keenly donned and posed with a wrench.

Back on the road and with night quickly upon us, we hastily put up our tents and prepped the fire for the BBQ. 

After a huge amount of lamb and beef, we went for a bit of star gazing which was incredible. It’s so dark that you’d easily see 3 or 4 shooting stars in an hour. 

I had a bit of fun with the long exposures here. Couldn’t quite manage to write ‘middle Caicos’ but it’ll do!

Sunday morning we returned to mudjin bay. It is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen since living in Provo. All the shades of blue and with a lovely rolling, lush green backdrop that Provo lacks in parts. 

Next stop was Bambara beach. Again deserted like most places on this island, but still giving that edible Caicos blue. 

During our stop here, we were fortunate enough to be treated to a flypast by a flamboyance of flamingos. 

It was such a fun trip. I’d recommend middle Caicos to everyone. However make sure you bring lots of bug spray, and try and go when it’s windy and mild. 


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