Work life balance 

Month 1 completed. I’m still not quite into the routine, but it’s getting better. Colleague Bobby and I have coined a phrase ‘Caribbean life’ every time you are kept waiting unnecessarily for anything from a sandwich to a driving license.

In fact it’s so painful that I’m actually petrified of losing any sort of document or bank card. The administrative repercussions are severe.

On the working side of things, I’ve been thrown in at the deep end as expected. Job running is not something I have much experience of, add into that a new type of architecture and non-construction savvy clients and it’s quite a challenge. The projects are great fun though, gone are the days of penny pinching clients looking for cheaper alternatives to brick. It’s rather clients going away and buying their own over-priced luxury tiles. It’s great not having to design around what is cheap. Having the clients so engaged and excited about it does make the job rewarding. 

I’ll be taking over from outgoing Architect Matt on his 5 unit cliff-edge Villa project shortly, there’s a lot more time on site and I’m looking forward to getting into the thick of it and learning a new working dynamic between contractor, architect and client. 

Boss Chris (below) taking me round to the project I’ll be working on. 


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