TCI Rugby club

I was in a world of pain waking up on Sunday morning after two games of rugby sevens and a game of 15 a side rugby. 

TCI were hosting Atlanta and Bermuda in a Halloween tournament which was a fantastic event. Atlanta had a clean sweep, but we secured a 14-0 victory over Bermuda. 

The programme of matches was broken up by games of women’s and men’s TCI sevens matches, in which I was playing.

​​​Claire and Cesca dominated the women’s games (see lineout video) and I managed to squeeze in an average try before going on to play against Bermuda in the 15’s.

Bermuda were physical and the first contact game of the season saw most of us looking pretty dogged at the end: See picture below of ‘Crazy’ who is TCI RFU’s biggest fan.

On the final whistle we all shook hands, someone handed me a Heineken and jello-shots started doing the rounds as DJ Dan was warming up on the decks. 

The first game for TCI was awesome fun, and something me and colleague Bobby are hoping to do a lot more of during our time here. 

Jerk chicken, hours of rugby and many beers in 25 degrees.

 The perfect Saturday. 



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