First car!

I just bought my first car! I am the proud owner of a Mitsubishi pajero. In honour of beckys car in oz I’ve decided to call it Jessie

This week has been good, I’m just getting to know the island, and relaxing into a routine. It’s really odd not using my diary for anything at all-the weekends are empty, nobody needs to plan anything because everything is so small and you’ll generally just bump into people. 

Note to potential visitors-don’t come in October! It’s been very wet here this week but it hasn’t really prevented playtime much, just not a good week for sunbathing. 

I spent my last day of the working week making some design changes to a clients new house and amongst other tasks, I redesigned his kite/surf store.

 The boss took us out for Friday beers down at shark bite, which was a good excuse for a night out. 

Waking up Saturday morning involved getting rid of my hangover as the main priority. 

Luckily I had a means of doing this. 
This weekend a rugby pro has been brought in to help train up the teams down at the rugby club, so having completed two sweaty hours of training, I’m not relishing spending my Sunday afternoon doing the same.


2 thoughts on “First car!

  1. Alright- I’m intrigued. But you gotta give us something and fill out your About Me page, bro! If you want help learning how to do this and customize your widget, let me know.
    Great blog, but who are you?! 😉


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