Walkabout New York

‘Thank god there is good public transport here’ was my first thought as I emerged through the fifth and final passport check of the flight. Australia is somewhat lacking in this department, so it was a welcome relief in the 7th city I’ve visited in a month. 

Jumping on any subway heading into the city, I was rendezvousing with fellow architect Tommy. Emerging in the chaos that is fifth avenue, the city felt buzzing but strangely comfortable. Touching base briefly, Tommy went back to work and I went to find somewhere to rest and recharge.
After handing over $15 (or £14) for a burrito and coffee, I shared my lunch with a sparrow in Bryant park and thought about how New York City/JFK is my connecting hub home, a far cry from Paddington station in London.  

Suitably recovered, I heavily made my way to Times Square to see what the fuss was about. 

Wow it’s photogenic! Something that might seem obvious to some,  but I largely put it in the same category as a lot of new American cities, ie; glass monotony . 

After the initial impact of the manhattan high-rises, they are quickly forgotten in favour of the 4-6 storey classical style buildings teeming with clear bulb illuminations and interesting details and finnials. 

‘New York is old!’ Is a thought I thought I’d never say, but in the reddening hues of the early October sunset, the long shadows cast by the intricate detail of these buildings is both beautiful and surprising. 

Meeting with Tommy later, we headed to his football game, which was a great venue right by the waterfront.

After having a few beers nearby, we headed back to his and fiancé Merediths lovely house in Brooklyn.

Looking forward to having a proper explore in the morning.


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