Walkabout Brisbane

After checking into our hostel, Becky took Jessica for a much needed pampering session down at the car wash.
I took the afternoon to once again, roam aimlessly around the city and scope it out.

Being dropped off in the middle of knowhere just east of the CBD, it was immediately obvious that this was a city for cars. As a pedestrian I felt permitted to tiny and inconvenient detours around gargantuan junctions and roadways that choke the desirable river frontage. Streets terminated into motorways.
In a similar but far more obvious way to London, the northbank was mostly a motorway, preventing what could be an awesome river frontage.

Contrastingly the south bank kicked ass. There is a huge green network of walkways and mini parks that hugs the riverside catering for mostly bikes and pedestrians. Again similar to London, this is where a lot of the cultural buildings are situated; museums and art galleries mainly.

At the epicentre of the promenade is a huge public watermark (sponsored by Walls of course).

Returning to the hostel after a hard afternoon of Tarmac pounding, I uncomfortably navigated the fast roads and pedestrian crossings back to the hostel.


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