Mount Isa-The East coast

With the end almost in sight, we slogged on through the last 1500 km with only a mild cabin fever.
Now in beef country, many wide  landscapes opened up before us. Besides that however there was little but public toilets and petrol stations. One more interesting stop involved the walkabout creek bar from crocodile Dundee:

After mount Isa, we drove all day until we got to long reach where we spent the night. 

Most of the scenery looked like this. One of the men at the petrol stations told us we’d timed it well to see ‘the green’. I assume outside Spring it’s more of that dusty red that is often associated with the outback.

After longreach came the final stretch and some stunning hilly, hinterland landscapes. 

Stopping at Gladstone for the night (via a bush fire) meant we’d made it to the east coast finally, but we still have a lot ahead of us to go south to noosa and Brisbane.

We made our way 500k south to noosa where finally we could have an afternoon and relax a little. The surfing haven with no surf made us do a little bit of wandering around and swimming. Now amongst largely Aussies on holiday, both of us missed the remoteness and tranquility of the Northern Territory we had left days before. 

Very happy to make it to the Pacific in one piece. 


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