Daly rivers – Mount Isa

Waking up almost at the crack of dawn, we set out quickly to make the most of the sun. (Night driving is off the cards here due to cattle and kangaroos walking on the road). 

Becky pounded the miles and we found ourselves at ‘3-ways’ just after lunch. This was a tiny but significant T-junction in the outback and seeing as we’d been on the same road all morning we stopped for a break. The junction essentially lets you either go south to Adelaide or east to Queensland. This map explains it better!

With our general race against the sun, we had a quick beer and hopped back in the car and tried to make it to Mount Isa before nightfall. 

Just falling short of our objective but fairly close, we parked at a campsite next to the road, cooked curry and watched the amazing stars reveal themselves as the final signs of daylight disappeared behind the horizon. 

Acknowledging that this was the furthest from civilisation that I’d ever been, we fell asleep watching the stars upside down through the rear windscreen.  

Setting the alarm early, we woke up in the dark and prepped to set off. Becky checked the oil and to our horror found that it was practically empty. One emergency call to car-nerd Tom Price (thank god we were in a different time zone!), he reassured us we’d be fine on what we had and driving slowly we cautiously made our way to Mount Isa in search of oil.


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