Katherine- Daly Rivers Inn

A 2500 km journey is a looong way, so we decided to warm into it slowly by having a short journey with a nice stop off at guess what? Yes, another natural spring! 

Bitter springs at Mataraka was probably the scariest in terms of crocs. 

The river banks were very close and there was a foam ball laid by the Rangers that once bitten by a croc informed the Rangers of their presence. 

Bitter springs felt the most wild out of all the water features on our trip so far.

Fully refreshed by the adrenaline high and soothing waters of bitter springs, we got back into Jessica to make for our overnight stop at Daly Rivers ‘historic pub’. I was quick to be syndical about such a name, but although clearly for tourists it did actually have a lot of charm and opened in 1930 (old for oz) presumably servicing lots of the airmen from nearby airfields in WWII. 

Resisting the locally sourced beef dinner offered by the pub, we set up our outback lounge, cooked noodles and watched the Hateful 8 with the Bluetooth speaker set up in the tree overhead. It was a good setup.

Night-time wasn’t the hottest but irritatingly it rained again and although we had mozzie nets, they still seemed to get in. Back on the road today for the next stint.


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