Kakadu floods

Rising early with the sun, we set off to Kakadu via a stop at Wangi falls. Similarly impressive as the Florence falls waterworks we didn’t hang around too long as there was a fair drive in front of us.
The road down to Kakadu national park started as blissful bitumen before succumbing to dirt tracks suitable only for 4×4. 
We arrived at the campsite at about 4ish and did what we seem to do every night and head up to water features for dusk. The advantage of doing this is that we can suss out whether it is worth a repeat trip the next day, and the lighting is a bit better at that time. Disadvantages include crocodile hunting time and inevitable night-time descents.

As usual it was totally worth the trip and we enjoyed an unreal view over the Northern Territory from a natural infinity pool. 

2 beers down and with the bush night-shift in full swing, we descended the mountain with light drizzle encouragaging cane toads out on to the path. 

By the time we were back at the car, the rain was really coming down hard and we damply dived into bed.

The rain came down in torrents and it was clearly the start of the wet season. Getting up early, we assumed the dry river crossings from the day before would still be fairly dry. Wrong, they were nearly unpassable after only 1 night of rain.

Becky assessed the going of a few of the croc-infested crossings before going for it, and although she’d driven through deeper, the water was very fast moving. I was glad of Becky’s cautiousness, there were a few other motorists who’d clearly got it worse than us.

She flatly refused however, to get out at south alligator crossing for fear of crocs. 

Finally back on the bitumen, we drove to Edith falls and then Katherine to test out the hot springs.

Edith falls was great fun, and felt a bit more remote than the others we had visited. 
I thought I was getting a little bored of all these tropical waterfalls but these hot springs were the kind of thing that water-park ‘lazy rivers’ use as their inspiration. They were awesome.

Refreshed from the springs, we got some sleep before the first leg of outback driving ‘the guts’; a gargantuan 2600km drive to Rockhampton (near Brisbane) tomorrow. Who knows when the next wifi will be! 


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