Outback episode 1: Darwin-Litchfield

I haven’t had many airport greetings quite as awesome as my one in Darwin. My mate Becky pounced on me at arrivals and at 2am was still as excitable as she was when I last saw her nearly 2 years ago. 
Getting picked up in ‘Jessica’ was to be the  first journey of many in the travel-weary blue Mitsubishi Pajero. The first few nights we crashed at a friend of Becky’s in Darwin to prep any gear for the subsequent weeks ahead and managed to see a little bit of Darwin to boot.

After stocking up on fuel,food, fairy lights and coffee we headed out of town. A few hours and dirt roads later we arrived in Litchfield national park. Easy first leg.

Bagging ourselves a camping spot for the evening, we set up camp and headed promptly down through the bush to the falls. Unfortunately our timing couldn’t have been worse and we found ourselves in the centre of a testosterone-fuelled r&r day with the US Marine corps rock jumping and whooping. 

In search of something more tranquil we headed further upstream to Buley holes. This was an idillyc network of rock pools,  and bringing along my speaker, we had a great few hours just chilling and catching up. 

We returned to Jessica for dinner and waited for sunset so we could go back down to the marine-free falls. It was  empty this time and Becky tested out the ‘Lay bag’ I’d brought along. 

Being a bit of a photo nerd, I persuaded her to stay in the pool after nightfall in order to get an ‘awesome’ photo. Quickly Becky became nervous of the potentially croc-invested pool that we solely occupied. Feeling slightly irresponsible we managed to get 5 more minutes of croc-free photos before donning head torches and heading back along the stream to the car with many pairs of eyes in the bush watching our every move. 

Upon returning to the car, we set up a fire and climbed into Jessica with the intention of watching a film, but instead just fell asleep. 


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