Walkabout Sydney

As with Melbourne, I’m quite content to walk aimlessly around absorbing a civilised city that isn’t London.

Melbournes shoreditch coffee-shop feel is replaced in Sydney by something that more closely resembles the City of London – a more formal aesthetic with a marked difference between old and new. 

The image above shows the similarity between the city of London. The elder, more grown up buildings watch the glitzy youngsters grab attention from afar, yet at street level, the old grandiose claims the most attention. Returning for the last time to one of my  favourite spots – the botanical gardens, I had a swim before heading into town.

Cousin Alex and Alice kept me up to date with the Sydney idiosyncrasies. I’ve been told that active wear is a must, and to be honest I felt lazy , even if I was walking about 5 miles a day. Along with active wear comes the obligatory coffee, pushchair and/or dog.


The city seemed to have a lot of staircase cut throughs. They were old, well used and great for legibility-knowing where you are; often giving great views at the same time. Along this street there was quite a lot of genuinely old housing-which I now know to be indicative of Sydney on the whole-a surprise perhaps.

Alex’s itinerary suggested I made the trip to world famous bondi beach -just 30 minutes from town. I duly turned up to said beach in slightly less than ideal conditions- bit too windy to spend the day there. However during early season it was nice to not have the usual crowd there. 

After bondi I was off for a quick goodbye with my hosts before jumping on a 5 hour (!) flight to Darwin to spend the next two weeks with Becky! Can’t wait!


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