Straight into Sydney

After a watery introduction to Australia in Melbourne, I’ve moved up the coast to Sydney in search of sunnier streets.

Luckily my cousin Alex has been a resident for some time, and with girlfriend Alice not only were they able to provide me with superb accommodation in Rushcutters bay but also an itinerary for me to just cruise through during my time here. 

 From the airport Alice was able to greet me and left me to have my jet-lag nap in their lounge and caught up with me the same evening. We walked down through the the botanical gardens to the opera house and I enjoyed my first sight of the harbour. Magnificent. 

The bridge was a lot more impressive than I anticipated and contrastingly the opera house was a lot smaller than I thought (not taking away from its premier architectural status however).

Alex and Alice took us to one of their favourite tapas restaurants a few minutes from the harbour where we enjoyed a great meal. Fortunately for me, Alex shares my passion for ice cream so one of these was obtained on the way home.

 I think I was sufficiently stocked up for the pending itinerary of solo-tourist activity. 


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