Manly-Spit hike

Manly is a beach(s)/surfers hangout about a 40 min boat ride from Sydney harbour. 

The hike that takes you to spit is truly beautiful. The well laid path that flirts with the sea shore for 8 glorious kilometres is absolutely worth the trip.

Upon leaving The Rocks (ferry terminal in town) we got the Hollywood view of Sydney opera house-it seemed like the $6 dollars I paid for passage to Manly was instantly worth it.

Approaching manly, the sea was dotted with lazy sailors enjoying a calmness of the water and lack of wind. On land the terminal buildings were reminiscent of those in North America. Painted Timber is widly used here, as are tin roofs; add a little rust from some evenly placed screws and you are looking at Manly Wharf. The strong fish-weedy smell that I normally associate with such places was absent and the water was so clear and pure. 

I had a brief walk around Manly and adjacent beach Shelly. Both were rife with old men on bikes and women with pushchairs. It was noticeable to me in a t-shirt and shorts that the locals found this weather to be cold, some wore 2 jumpers and many wore coats. After a small walk around Shelly head I stumbled across this little fella known as a Water dragon (title picture). After kindly posing for the camera, he waddled off at high speed.

Not many swimmers here at Shelly today, however many school kids seemed to be cooking on BBQ’s in their lunch breaks!

After Shelly I had a disappointing Aussie version of fish and chips and hightailed it to the start of the walk to spit. 

The walk started amongst some big expensive housing before heading onto the coastal footpath.

Starting at sea level, the path climbed and descended the low cliffs of the bay giving the rambler sea, forest(bush), views and wildlife.

The walk then turned in land and went through both dry forest and wet.

Successfully negotiating my way around several forks in the path and 20 minutes of incline later I arrived at the halfway mark with a wonderful view of the city. 

The descent was much the same and 1k from the end I was dumped from this dreamy hike into the most suburban of streets. I’m not sure there was a house without a basketball hoop on the front drive. 

Bus back to Sydney for dim sum with Alex and Alice. 


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