Morning in Melbourne 

I thought brunch in London was good, turns out Melbourne has as many avocados but just done differently and better. Proud Mary’s in Collingwood did an incredible potato rosti with bacon and broccoli with perfect eggs. 

I’m currently crashing with uni-friend Bronny and along with fellow melbournian Emily, they’ve done a great job being my tour guides. 

Just aimlessly walking around the city gave me a great insight into Melbourne. It felt very different: part-Europe, part-Vancouver. Grid iron streets combined with high-rise towers meant that the alley ways between or ‘laneways’ provided those essential, and seemingly accidental social points, be it a hipster bar, brewery or cafe.

Emily and bron decided to go full tourist and we went up to Eureka on the 50-something floor to get a great view of the city. 
The first thing that went through my mind was SIM CITY, the high rise buildings are square and generic, quite apart from London’s competitive, eye grabbing shapes.  

The other thing that was quite apparent was the fully demarked CBD of the city and then low-rise houses with backyards as far as the eye could see. Seems Melbourne doesn’t do medium density at all, Bronny and Emily said that most people wanted to live in a house with a backyard rather than flats. 


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